Quick thing: I might not be online as much in the week or so to come - I’m currently in the car on the way to moving into my flat for my first year of university! Knowing me, I’ll spend my entire Freshers Week here on Tumblr instead of out partying but just a warning if I fall behind on all the spoilers and news!

quick thing: i’m off to start my first year at university on sunday and my dad was doing washing today and he said to me “you know, you really need to get some better underwear. you can’t go to university with batman and comic book bras and underwear.” and i just said to him “who’s going to care about my underwear but me?” and you could see the look of conflict on his face of does he want to start a conversation with me about sex at university or does he want to let it go and admit i’m right

none of you care all that much but i had my prom yesterday *peace sign emoji*

come closer

no come closer

*whispers* i’m shit scared for results day

one of the guys my brother is on holiday with just posted on my facebook wall telling me my brother is with a prostitute right now and like why did you think that i would need to know why why are you what

anyone want to come to disneyland paris with me next week?

oh by the way, my #YesAllWomen was too long for twitter so here it is

examples of misogyny in my workplace over the past full 3 days of work

i have 

and that’s just the past 3 days


so i got really bored

Our muckup day has been cancelled now but these were cute, alien/future/space themed times before it was cancelled