19th October 2008

wat the fk is wrong wiv me

in 2008, when i was 12, i posted a facebook status that said “a friend in need, is a friend indeed, but the bestest friend, is a friend with weed.”

i have way too many tabs open on my phone

looking through childhood photos of my mum and ffs, she was pretty back then as well

when i was 12, we had this goldfish and he was from a funfair that i went and he was about 4 years old at this point, and funfair goldfish usually live to the ripe old age of 4 days so 4 years was an achievement and one day, my parents were out, my older brother was out and it was just me and the goldfish and i went to go feed him and he didn’t move so i stuck my hand in the water and he didn’t move and so i panicked and the first thing i did was call my best friend and cried for about 3 minutes that my goldfish had died and she cried with me and then i called my mum in floods of tears that my goldfish had died and she told me to get a matchbox so we could bury him and i got one and then one last ditch attempt, i poked him and he didn’t move and i sprinkled food on him and he didn’t move and then my mum came home, got the net to take him out of his tank, scooped him up and was about to put him in the matchbox

he moved

today at work, a guy played an extended, seven minute long cover of creep by radiohead on a kazoo

Why does my family own this book?

ta ta my lovelies

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