they just asked on pointless, who was the first female president of argentina in 2007 and my mum said eva peron


Anonymous prompted: klaine + the single dad and the helpful neighbor

The hot neighbor is at the door and Kurt’s shirt is covered in about as much cake as his baby is covered in.

He tries not to panic and fails miserably, picking up Emily and steeling himself for completely blowing all the progress he’s made over the past few weeks, being friendly with Blaine and only inviting him over when Emily was down for her nap.

"Hi—" Blaine says cheerfully as soon as Kurt opens the door, and then his eyes widen, taking in the sight of them. His smile is so bright and warm and completely the opposite of what Kurt was expecting that it makes his chest twist up tight. “I see I already missed the party?”

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Kurt and Blaine snuggling together? Hell yes.

Darren Criss hosts a special concert presentation of the Aladdin spoof Twisted, telling the real tale of Jafar, at 54 Below on March 17, 2014. []


We used to be best buddies
And now we're not
I wish you would tell me why 



just a friendly reminder that we are closer to  2017 than 2007 



Klaine aus » The Holiday 

Kurt decides to spend christmas by himself in a cosy cottage in England. The last thing he expects is to meet single father Blaine.