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fic: just jealous


klaine-reflects-love prompted: would you write me a jealous!kurt or jealous!blaine fic? i’ve read them all and i’ve been looking for one to read. Hope you feel better ♥

two times where blaine was the jealous one, and one time kurt was.

word count: ~2.9k

Kurt has potentially the best eye for flirting-in-progress than anyone else Blaine has ever met. It’s pure entertainment to get coffee with him and listen to him murmur under his breath about the businessman trying to put the moves on the barista half his age, or the nervous college couple on their first date the table over.

Kurt is also potentially the most blind to people flirting with him than anyone else Blaine has ever met.  This is something Blaine is not just realising.

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tompoleman: Pool time at last!

voodoofingers: @DarrenCriss , Mia, and me at a magical ball thrown by @Uptomyknees



The most magical night. I flew out to LA and stayed with Max/helped him set up his ball. The ball was a dream night come true. I danced and got drunk with so many incredible people. I love you all, and can’t wait to see you again.




i wonder if actors ever get their scripts and are like

well this is fucking stupid

Paul Wesley



I hit words at random on iOS 8’s new predictive text feature so I could see what type of sentence my phone thinks I’m likely to say, and



The Very Potter Seamus Finnigan is a perfect representation of your average british teenager.


when will teenage girls stop shaming each other and discover that their real enemy is teenage boys 


As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.